My name is Ooriya Gamliel and these days I am a student in Shenkar's department of industrial design. I arrived at college out of pure love for material and morphology, as well as being constantly drawn towards aesthetic perfection. As a child, I grew up as a musician - a passion I still carry with me today, breathing music and blend it with industrial design. My reference to movement, weight, and precision evolves from the world of music. As a matter of fact, musical creations and accurate design has the same values. Only the application of both is different.

I avoid from following design trends, as in my opinion, the user interface carries great importance out of the simple grasp that a good design creates a new  experience. I believe in a clean design, one that will break the point of restraint. In the design process the use of colors isn't only for the purpose of functional usage instead it gives the product character and addresses the environment.

I wish to search  and  to discover the correct materials , since the latter has significant influence concerning the relationship between the product and its user. Material either tempting or repels us, authorizes a touching opportunity and enables a particular sensation through its use.

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Ooriya Gamliel ,Israel

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